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campaign to the battleground state this morning. >> nationals fans, the wait is over. get ready to get your tickets, nats fans, after nearly 80 years, playoff baseball is finally returning to washington. we've got natitude. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. let's start with a live look outside. we've got a shot from nationals park. here it is right there. this morning you see the lights are still on actually at this hour. but no people -- i don't think there are any people in there fans-wise. the atmosphere is still ringing with excitement. and also for the forecast we're going to be getting over the next couple of days. >> no complaints. the brewers in town tonight with the playoff-bound nationals. they will have wonderful weather for the baseball game this evening. no complaints there. a few hundred thousand people might be going to high school football, perfect weather for that. but this morning, 53 in
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college park. 52 ft. belvar in springfield. reston, temperatures mid-50s. 54 in gaithersburg and damascus. your morning commute, no complaints at all, bright and sunny. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s for now. no complaints there. an easy, easy weather forecast through the rest of the day. by noontime, plenty of sunshine, nice and warm. noontime temperatures, mid to upper 70s. highs upper 70s to low 80s. by the time you're going back home to work and school. temperatures upper 70s to low 80s. nothing to complain about there. if you're headed out to the baseball game, first pitch at 7:05 for the brewers. clear skies and 75 degrees. we'll be back in a few minutes with a check of your hometown forecast. for now, a check of the roads with first 4 traffic. >> good morning. right now i'm following breaking news on the roadways. if you're traveling southbound 3 at 450, chopper 4 is over the scene right now. this crash was blocking all of your lanes. luckily, it has moved to the
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shoulder lane. and now just your left lane is blocked by police here. you are seeing some delays as you make your way southbound approaching 450. in fact, jammed even as chopper zooming out. i saw more delays on this road. i want to head over and give you a look here. trains on the metro, marc, and vre look good. nationals fans, the wait is over. your team is in the playoffs. >> woo-hoo! nats natitude is sticking around for october baseball. the nats beat the dodgers 4-1 to clinch the nationals playoff berth. ryan zimmerman drove in bryce harper, and it just got better from there. manager davie johnson hopes this is just the beginning. >> what's the big deal? that was fun, but it's not what i had my eye on.
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it's a nice step to get here. every manager leading the division, that's the only thing that matters, winning the division. >> nice to see davie a little excited. the lock for a playoff spot couldn't have come at a better time. nationals postseason tickets will come today. you can bet they'll be going fast. news 4's megan mcgrath out here this morning. will they be lining up today? >> reporter: funny you should mention that. diehard nats fan out here at this hour. talk about your need to score these tickets? >> i think just waiting here today will be better than going online. i've been waiting for this to happen for so long, i regret not buying season tickets. but i'll be here at 6:00. it's worth it. >> reporter: you were listening to the game not ot radio. talk about the feeling when you
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heard. you knew they were going to do it. it's the first time in 79 years this has happened in washington. >> we all kind of knew it was going to happen. to clinch it, it was amazing. listening to it on the radio, you could hear the energy in the stadium. people actually coming out now. >> reporter: satisfied as a baseball fan to see this town get excited? >> very. it's been a long time coming. i waited to get a team here for so long, and then we were always competing, and now this year to be the number one team in the league right now, it's a really good time. >> reporter: good luck to you. the tickets go on sale to the general public at 10:00 a.m. they're going to limit you to four tickets per person. limited quantities. first come, first served. day of game, a limited number of standing room only seats made available. if you don't score them today, you've always got that chance as well. the tickets, you can imagine, are going to go fast. reporting live from nats stadium, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. 6:04. we're following a developing story. pakistan has blocked cell phone
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service in major cities to prevent terrorists from detonating cell phone bombs during protests in the country. an interior ministry official says cell phone service is blocked in 15 cities, including islamabad. bigger crowds are expected because the country's government called a national holiday that protesters can demonstrate. it's also a day of prayer in the muslim world. similar protests are expected in oof afghanistan and possibly libya. president obama says the atta film was simply an excuse for the deadly attack in libya. he said extremists took advantage of the anger directed at the video. he said, it's not clear if al qaeda was behind the acan at that -- attack. president obama will be holding an event at phizner stadium in woodbridge.
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the president also participated in an immigration forum. the president answered questions from the moderator and audience members. >> the issue here for voters, whose vision best represents the aspirations, not just of the latino community, but of all americans who believe that we are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants? and that candidate, i believe, is talking to you right now. >> more than 20 million hispanic americans are expected to vote this year. mitt romney will tout his economic plan in the state with the highest unemployment rate, nevada. the presidential nominee will hold a fund-raiser and a public rally in las vegas. he campaigned in florida yesterday, where he told supporters that president obama had given up on the job. >> we face a washington that's broken, that can't get the job done. the president threw in the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from the inside. he can only change it from
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outside. we're going to give him that chance in november. he's going outside. >> romney has some ground to make up in the key battleground states. >> president obama is also winning the fund-raising battle. his campaign raised more than $84 million in august. romney raised a little more than $66 million that month. the president had almost $90 million to spend on the campaign at the enend of august. that's more than $40 million more than his republican rival. the president says most of his money comes from small time donors, which proves the president's grass roots effort is still strong. a special stop for space shuttle "endeavour" as it prepares to make its final flight.
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welcome back. it's 6:11. time for weather and traffic on the ones. a cool and mild start to our day. looking nice out there. >> it's friday. can't be too worried about that. a mostly clear sky out there. temperatures in the 50s to around 60 degrees in many spots this morning. it's going to warm up very, very quickly with the clear sky out there. hometown forecast. wheaton, maryland, we're talking to you. up to 62 degrees by 9:30 this morning. lunchtime temperature of 75. coming home from work and school, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. back down to the mid-70s. getting ready to kick off high school football. a chilly start. bright and sunny. toasty warm this afternoon. high up near 82 degrees. check of the four-day forecast in a minute. for now a check on the roads with first 4 traffic.
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>> chuck, we always shout out to football teams. i have to say hello to the cheerleaders. they touch my heart. here's another look at chopper 4. the crash at 450 still blocking two of your left lanes. we are still seeing some delays. lucki luckily, all of those southbound lanes aren't blocked. just those two lanes you're able to pass single file to the right. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. the protest in virginia that's sparking outrage nationwide.
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welcome back at 6:15. the iphone 5 is finally here. tony tull is outside the apple store downtown now. two hours to go, tony, is that right? >> reporter: two hours to go. the store in georgetown will be open at 8:00. if you weren't watching the 5:00 a.m. hour, you're going to want to hear their story. check it out. we had 70 people when we got here. now it's up to 150. you can see the line wraps around the building and back out to the street. we're here at the apple store in georgetown. katie, you were actually in the back of the line. is that going to affect you at all.
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? is >> i don't think so. i think everyone is getting the same product. i wasn't willing to get up any earlier than 5:00 a.m. or get here any earlier than 5:00. >> reporter: what is it about the iphone 5 that you want? >> not a cracked screen. and the bigger screen and faster, larger memory. i'm pretty excited about it. >> reporter: and you did not want to buy a spot? >> no, no. >> reporter: some of you at home are probably wondering, buying a spot, what does that mean? earlier this morning, there were some gentlemen at the top of the line. we'll quickly walk up here and talk to them. you can see how many people are out here with lawn chairs and sleeping bags. they even have some food. z-burger was nice enough to come and drop off some burgers. a lot of people going to starbucks. people making quite the afternoon, evening, and morning of it. guys, take a look right here. spots for sale. we visits this in the 5:00 a.m. we had to touch on it again in
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the 6:00. these gentlemen are selling spots for $20. if you're heading out this morning and want to buy a spot and don't want to wait in the long line, $20. we're live in georgetown, tony tull, news 4. >> tony, thank you. and a father and son from prince george's county facing charges for selling more than a dozen fake iphones. daniel and harold lee parker sold those phony phones to people from lanham parking lot. police thought the phones were stolen. but an apple store told them people tried to bring the phones in to be activated and realized they were worthless. the family of a young mother murdered in prince george's county speaking out. a candlelight individuality was held for brittany mckinley, the 25-year-old mother of a 6-year-old boy was shot monday morning. police say her ex-boyfriend, michael stewart, is responsible. >> what in the world could a female do to you that bad that you got to shoot her. >> brittany's mother says she's trying to stay strong for her daughter's young son.
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some recent anti-obama protests have gotten the attention of the secret service. in virginia, someone hung an empty chair by a rope along with an anti-obama sign. critics claim the display symbolizes lynching. the chair refers to clint eastwood's speech at the republican national convention where he threatened to address the president. investigators still don't know who's responsible for either incident. the war in afghanistan is reaching a new milestone. all 33,000 troops from the surge in afghanistan are now out of the country. it comes nearly two years after president obama ordered them in to fight the escalating taliban violence. the military is now moving vehicles and equipment out of afghanistan. 68,000 remaining american troops overseas are scheduled to come home in 2014. pop singer fiona apple was arrested in texas.
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officers pulled over her tour bus, and marijuana was found. she admitted it was hers. sierra blanca is the same town where willie nelson and rapper snoop dogg were also arrested on drug charges. former redskins player stephen davis is in jail accused of running an illegal nightclub. he was arresteded in columbia, south carolina. police say he was running a nightclub even though his license had been revoked. he's also charged with three counts involving fraudulent checks. davis could face 30 days in prison and a $200 fine. we've enjoyed such a nice stretch of lovely fall weather. we hope it continues into the weekend. >> and the fall is actually starting this weekend. chuck bell is in for tom kierein today. chuck? >> eun and aaron, good morning to you too. yes, indeed, fall arrives, according to the calendar, at 10:49 a.m. on your saturday. plebe believe it or not, it's still going to feel like summertime
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for today and even more summer-like for tomorrow. higher temperatures, high humidity, and a chance for thunderstorms on your saturday, not on your friday. today we're off to a beautiful clear start. temperatures 55 in damascus, maryland. falls church, virginia, at 53. leonardtown, maryland, temperature 54 degrees. so your planner for the day, off to a sunny and cool start. sun's up just before 7:00 a.m. and down just after 7:00 p.m. almost 12 hours of daylight. high today up near 82 degrees. so a beautiful day coming today. here's the all important four-day forecast. 82 today with the sunshine. tomorrow warm and humid. temperatures in the mid-80s tomorrow afternoon but with a pretty strong risk of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, and some of those could be severe. we'll keep a weather eye to the sky on your saturday, feeling like summer saturday, feeling back like autumn on sunday. breezy and l koocooler.
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sunday's high only 71 degrees. for the latest on the roads, first 4 traffic with danella. looking at chopper 4, here's a few of southbound 3 as you make your way towards 450. two of your left lanes still blocked. you are getting by single file to the right. your delays are a mile right now. if you want to avoid this traveling southbound on 3. maybe that's the jump on davidsonville road. take that to 50 if that's your commute. if not, if you want to take it, your delay, like i said, is about a mile long on southbound 3. let's head over to the american legion bridge. i am seeing your volume increase as you make your way on the outer loop and inner loop. good news is i'm not seeing any accidents or major delays. i-95 in virginia is starting to slow down as you make your way past fairfax county parkway. your travel speed not terrible from the occoquan to the beltway. right now 42 miles per hour. that drive almost taking you 15 minutes. i'm back in ten. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thanks, danella. 6:21 is our time. local politicians are doubling down on a hotly contested ballot issue.
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it almost looks like the bear knows the camera is there a homeowner in florida put up a motion activated camera with night vision on a tree in a backyard. the purpose was to watch wildlife. he's not disappointed this morning. he's also watching the lady in the background. look over the bear's shoulder. what is she doing back there? the guy who put this camera up believes the bear was probably trying to get to the bird feeder that was in the tree there. >> hungry bear. the national zoo's new baby panda appears to be doing well. still making noises. this is video of the mom mei xiang grooming the squealing cub. they'll do their first exam on him or her in about a month. we'll have to wait four or five months to see the baby panda in person.
6:26 am
there will be lines and people going nuts at the zoo once we get to see the panda. >> just fascinating animals. there's something just weird about pandas to look at them. >> i think they're adorable. >> i agree with you on that. they're just interesting animals. 6:26 is the time. back home with his family. we'll tell you the reason a judge set a virginia prisoner free. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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now you're not going to let me off your bus? >> a metro bus driver is off the job this morning after this
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confrontation caught on tape. >> good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. nationals fans, the wait is over. your team is in the playoffs. >> natitude is reaching a fever pitch this morning as washington locked up its first trip to the playoffs in nearly 80 years. the nats earned a berth with a 4-1 win over the dodgers last night. >> the last time washingtonians got to watch baseball in october, that was 1933. back then things were a little bit different too. fdr was still the president. gas 10 cents a gallon. and prohibition was still in effect, which meant none of the washington senators could celebrate their american league pe pennant with a champagne toast. >> that was fdr's first term too. other fun facts, king kong was released that year. alaska and hawaii weren't even states yet. and construction of the golden gate bridge had just begun. what a long wait.
6:31 am
>> so much has changed in there. i want to meet somebody who was there. >> isn't that cool? >> somebody who was at that game in 1933. so exciting. >> let's get a look at your forecast. i almost said tom kierein. chuck bell. he is on the storm 4 weather deck. >> many good morning, guys. good morning, everybody. a beautiful way to get your day started, sky is nice and clear. it's cool outside. just the way you like it in autumn. temperatures in the 50s this morning. 60 at national airport. that's one of the warm spots. it's 59 waldorf and la plata. 59 degrees in charlotte. 53 in stafford and fredericksburg. 52 in bristol and manassas. here's your hometown forecast today, waldorf, maryland. beautiful day looking with temperatures in the 50s now, low 60s by 9:30, coffee break time. lunch break time, outdoor recess, 75 and sunny. coming home from work and school
6:32 am
this afternoon, temperatures flirting with 80 degrees. a beautiful day. then getting ready for high school football tonight, temperature 73 degrees at kickoff time. good weather for anything you want to do outside today. there's everybody's forecast. sunshine pretty much from start to finish today. high temperature reaching 82 degrees. no complaints from me. 80s with thunderstorm chances tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in just a couple of minutes. for now, it's first 4 traffic time. here's danella. chuck, right now i'm checking out the situation along 3. still seeing a mile backup. here's the view from chopper 4. traveling southbound 3 approaching 450, crash still blocking two of your left lanes. you are able to get by, but just to the right. as i said, your delays are about a mile. let's head over to i-270. not bad at shady grove. you are seeing some volume. at least you're moving. normally around this time, you're jammed, but you're clear as you make your way to the beltway. no accidents to report on i-270. route 50 looks nice as well as you make your way inbound to
6:33 am
201. if you're taking the rails, i'm checking them. not seeing any delays along the metro, the marc, or vre. eun, back over to you. >> 6:32 now. a metro bus driver is off the job this morning after a confrontation with a reporter was caught on camera. >> why are you hiding your name tag? why did you take your name tag off? can i get off your bus? now you're not going to let me off your bus? >> you can get off at the next stop. >> and your name is what? >> call me miss metro. >> miss metro? >> yes. >> i look forward to it. >> thank you. >> that video was shot by wtop's mark seagraves. he was trying to parallel park on wednesday when a metro bus driver pulled up behind him honking her horn and making obscene gestures. metro spokesman said there is no excuse for the driver's behavior. police are on the hunt for a man who brutally attacked an elderly man waiting at a bus
6:34 am
stop. this happened last saturday mor morning in the 3800 block of bladensburg road. the elderly man was standing at that bus stop when he was aassaulted and robbed. if you have any information, police call prince george's police. a surprising twist in a break-in. police say joel johnson was shot and killed during an attempted robbery in southeast washington tuesday night. police say he was one of the intruders. johnson was one of four men charged in the murder of principal brian betts. betts was killed in his silver spring home in 2010. johnson received a reduced sentence after cooperating with police. an emotional homecoming as a northern virginia man returns home after being cleared of a crime he says he did not commit. 22-year-old malagi conte reunited with his family after spending more than a year in jail. he was convicted of a robbing a
6:35 am
person in 2009. he denied the crime. lawyers from the innocence project proved his alibi and that prosecutors withheld information about the crime. he says he wants to go to college and continue his education. ministers around the country are voicing their support for same-sex marriage in maryland. reverend al sharpton will also attend. the pastors want the public to know that not all clergy are opposed to equality. three area county executives are doubling down on another big issue on maryland's ballot, expanded gambling. baker of prince george's county, leggett of howard county gathered to show their support for table games. they say games would add 2,000 jobs. those who oppose it aren't concerned about maryland residents. >> make no mistake. this is about maryland versus west virginia. >> frankly, i didn't like the
6:36 am
fact that an out of state interest is putting $5.5 million into a campaign to tell marylanders how they should vote. >> that out of state interest is penn national, which owns rosecroft race way as well as hollywood casino in charlestown, west virginia. the group vote no on 7 released a statement saying the promise of jobs and new education funding are, quote, blatantly misleading. two years after serious blunders, arlington national cemetery is now receiving some praise. a report by the pentagon's attorney general says it has been transformed into a ple mree institution. progress has been made in identifying the bodies buried there and used geo symmetry to locate remains. the spotlight is back on virginia this morning as the battle for your vote continues.
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you'll see here this goat in a dire situation struggling in this pond in a petting zoo. then the pig. suddenly out of nowhere comes -- we'll call him wilbur maybe. swims right up to the goat and appears to help him to the shallow part of the water there and then out. they sort of run off together after this is all over. some people suggest that this was staged. either way -- >> i don't care. this is just cute stuff. >> that is some pig.
6:41 am
>> i couldn't get enough of the pig and the goat. so cute. >> coming up on 6:41 now. on your friday morning. a live look outside. the first rays of the morning sun cut out. chuck bell is busy with our forecast. >> a little over 12 hours of daylight today as the autumnal equinox comes up tomorrow at 10:49. 53 at the university of maryland in college park. 54 at beautiful rockville in bethesda. 52 ft. belvoir in springfield. get on out towards shan tilly and burke and reston. temperatures in the mid-50s. even low 50s through bristol and warrenton. here's your hour by hour planner. sunny and cool now becomes sunny and warm by lunch time. into the upper 70s and low 80s
6:42 am
for a brief time this afternoon. great looking day to spend some quality time outside. maybe you got tickets to go out to the nationals, playoff bound, yes, indeed. taking on the brewers tonight. 7:05 is the first pitch. 75 degrees there. you know what, the last sort of kind of a weekend of summer into fall. a few people maybe still going out to the beach. 76 today. risk of showers and storms at the beach tomorrow and sunny and cooler on sunday. what about us? here's the first four days of your next 4. 80s today and tomorrow. stormy before more cool autumn weather arrives early next week. danella, back to you. >> thanks, chuck. checking a crash in the district, 24th street in northwest at calvert street. 395 northbound starting to hit the brakes as you make your way from the beltway heading towards sem fair inary road. you are slow. here's a live look at duke.
6:43 am
here's a live look from chopper 4. inner loop nice as you make your way past i-95. outer loop, you are heavy on the brakes between i-95 and really about university boulevard. past university, i didn't see it this jammed, but you are sluggish as you continue to make your way towards georgia avenue. new this morning, an arizona prison is on lockdown after a melee involving 200 inmates. officials say the brawl started between hispanic and black inmates and was racially motivated. one guard and several prisoners were injured in the fight. we are following a developing story right now out of pakistan. that country has blocked cell phone service in major cities to prevent terrorists from detonating cell phone bombs during protests in the country. an interior ministry official says at least 15 cities are not getting cell phone services. thousands are demonstrating protesting against the controversial anti-islam film. bigger crowds are expected because the country's government
6:44 am
called a national holiday so protesters can demonstrate. it's also a day of prayer in the muslim world. similar protests in afghanistan and possibly libya today. president obama says the video was simply an excuse for the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. during an interview with the spanish network univision, the president said extremists took advantage of the anger directed at the video. he said it's not clear if al qaeda was part of the attack. today president obama will campaign in woodbridge. the public rally will take place at pfizner stadium earlier this afternoon. the president is also taking part in a forum with hispanic voters. mitt romney took part in a similar forum on wednesday. >> the most important lesson i've learned is you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> more than 20 million hispanics are expected to vote this year. mitt romney is criticizing
6:45 am
president obama over that comment. he said it's proof the president has given up on the job. >> we face a washington that's broken, that can't do the job. the president said he can't change washington from the inside. he can only change it from outside. we're going to give him that chance in november. he's going outside. >> romney will campaign today in nevada, which has the nation's highest unemployment rate. >> president obama appears to be ahead in the fund-raising battle right now. his campaign raised more than $84 million in august. mitt romney raised a little more than $66 million that month. the president also had nearly $90 million to spend on the campaign at the end of august. that is nearly $40 million more than his republican rival. the obama campaign says most of that money is coming from small time donors, which he says proves the president's grass
6:46 am
roots effort is still strong. the president is also ahead in three battleground states, according to a new poll. he leads romney by eight points in iowa. that's according to the new nbc ne news/wall street journal/marist poll. the president also lives in paul ryan's home state of wisconsin. wok on just two lines on the red for metro. the bethesda and medical center station will be closed. single tracking on the orange line between east falls church sxh ballston and in cheverly. if you've noticed that you can't buy a metro smart trip card at the station you commute from, you're not alone. the transit system was supposed to have smart trip vending machines in every station by september 1st. but only about half have machines now. that's because they don't have audio and braille features for riders with disabilities. metro is trying to encourage
6:47 am
more riders to use the cards instead of paper fare cards which carry a dollar surcharge. amazon's kipdndle and kindl fire may be hot selling choices, but you've got fewer choices on where you can buy one. target and walmart will stop selling the amazon kindle. amazon sells the kindle at such a low price, there's little profit margin. in layman's terms, there's very little meat left on the bone for retailers that sell the device. amazon makes its money from all the content you buy from its online store to fill up your kindle. that's the latest. in other news, honda aims to double its global sales within the next five years. the japanese automaker continues to rebound from the production in parts shortages caused by last year's earthquake and tsunami. much of the growth will come from emerging markets like china and india. honda plans to roll out new vehicles in the u.s. those include a plug-in hybrid
6:48 am
earlier next year and a fuel cell vehicle by 2015. those are the two top stories we're following. back to you. >> seema mody at cnbc. thank you. nationals fans, the wait is over. your team is in the playoffs. >> it's been nearly eight years. the washington nationals team is in the playoffs. the nationals beat the dodgers, guaranteeing the team its first trip to the postseason. and the berth came just in time for playoff tickets to go on sale this morning. something tells us they are going to go very quickly. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at nationals park this morning. couple people already in line. hard to believe, megan. >> reporter: yeah, well, there are limited quantities. of course, a lot of people want to get a hold of these tickets. we're expecting them to go very fast this morning. they go on sale at 10:00 a.m. earlier, we had a couple of people who were standing here at the ticket box waiting to get tickets when the ticket office
6:49 am
opened later this morning. they got some e-mails saying they could buy tickets starting at 10:00. so they came here to the stadium. well, there's some confusion here as to whether or not you can buy in person here at the box office or whether it's online and by phone only. we're trying to track that down. they have left because they've heard they can't buy them here at the stadium. a little confusion there. again, you can certainly buy them online and by phone starting at 10:00 this morning. a tremendous amount of demands for these tickets, of course. the washington team hasn't been to the postseason in 39 years, 1933. it was the senators that did it last. so a lot of people want to be a part of this. if you take a look at their website here, get an idea of what some of these tickets are costing. top of the line, $425. you want to go for something a little less expensive, you can go to the upper outfield gallery. that's $35. and those are the tickets that
6:50 am
are going on sale today. should also mention that you'll be limited to four per person. and if you don't get tickets today, they'll release day of game tickets. so you can come to the stadium, and they'll release those. so you can go online, get to the phone today, or if you really want to go and haven't been able to get a ticket. you can roll the dice, come down to the stadium day of game, and hope that you're among those to get one of those limited number standing room only tickets. a lot of excitement. you can bet a lot of people will be online and dialing away starting at 10:00 this morning. reporting live from nats stadium, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. >> i'm going to have to make a phone call. get online at 10:00. >> chuck, i guess you're on board too. >> stop by my stadium on the way into work this morning and picked up some of the playoff swag.
6:51 am
i was going to say shag, but that's wrong. nationals got the playoff shirts. they got the playoff hats. the playoff jag. the playoff swag, whatever it is. it's all out there. going to be a great day for baseball. nationals taking on the brewers tonight. i think we're going to be able to win this one too. why not just win the rest of them? sweep everybody right out of the playoffs. next thing you know, we'll be toting that world series trophy around the beltway. outside for now. what a beautiful way to get your friday morning started. look at that bright early morning color in the eastern sky. sunrise just a couple minutes away. a beautiful day today. mostly sunny this morning. 60 degrees, our current temperature at national airport. mostly in the 50s across the suburbs. especially out to the north and west. mt. aerie, maryland, frederick, maryland, 50 degrees. 50 in culpeper. 50 in virginia out in rappahannock county. no rain today. 100% dry on your friday.
6:52 am
our next chance of rain is coming from the upper midwest. as the cold front bumps into the warm and increasing ly humid ai mass, we have a strong possibility for strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow. tomorrow temperatures soar into the mid-80s tomorrow and a chance for strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening, and the sunshine is back after that for your sunday. for today, not a bad way to get your day started. off to a great start, in the 50s this morning. near 75 by noontime, near 82 for a high temperature this afternoon. there's the all important seven day forecast. the only real thing to worry about is your saturday storm chance. rest of it looks great. danella, over to you? checking on a couple of accidents. first let's start in the district. if you're traveling in northwest 24th street at calvert street, still seeing report of an accident in that area. now into virginia. northbound route 1 at arlington drive, crash blocks two of your right lanes.
6:53 am
let's talk about delays on i-95, it's sluggish, usual delays. from dale city, sluggish to newington, not jammed. here you're hitting the brakes. 26 miles per hour from prince william parkway making your way to the beltway, that drive is going to take you 21 minutes. 6:53. today the space shuttle "endeavour" will finally arrive in los angeles. the shuttle will take off this morning from edwards air force base in california. it's strapped to a boeing 747. it began its cross country trip on wednesday when it took off from the kennedy space center in florida. it flew over tucson, arizona, yesterday where former congress woman gabrielle giffords and astronaut husband mark kelly watched in awe. it is finally here. the apple iphone 5 hits store shelves in a little over an hour. apple lovers are really showing some dedication by waiting in line all night long. news 4's tony tull joining us live from the apple store in
6:54 am
geor georgetown. natives getting restless yet, tony? >> reporter: not quite. this is probably one of the best crowds i've ever had. we're at the apple store in georgetown. making sure the crowd stays orderly and everybody's okay. you can see a lot of z-burger bags in the trash can. that's why everybody's happy. guys, if you're wondering if chivalry is dead? no. why? this is francis and hannah. francis didn't know hannah until 30 seconds ago. why? >> we were standing in line together, and we were talking about, wow, how long is it going to take for us to actually get to the front and if we were going to get a phone. we had been here about 30 minutes, and these guys came by and said, hey, we're selling a spot up front. do you want it? >> and you bought her spot? >> yeah, i actually bought her spot. >> does this mean you're taking him on a breakfast date? i don't know. i feel like i should. i feel like i owe it to him. >> reporter: we just made magic right there. the two guys we've been keeping
6:55 am
up with selling the spots, check this out. guys, how much have you made this morning? >> over $300. >> reporter: over $300. so it was worth it? >> yes, it was definitely worth it. everything was worth it. standing out here from 2:00 to now. definitely worth it. >> reporter: i'm really proud to see you young guys coming out here and doing something that was lucrative and good. are you going to continue to do this when other things get released? >> yes. definitely see something like this coming up pretty soon in december. so just check it out. >> reporter: aaron and eun, these guys over $300 selling some spots here in the front of the apple store in georgetown. take a live look. that line goes all the way down to "m" street. if you're thinking about coming out here, hurry up. we're live in georgetown, tony tull, news 4. >> tell them they should probably go into hiding now. their day is done if they're smart. >> no word on what everyone else in the line thinks about this. >> i wonder if everyone's going to get a phone. >> tricky, tricky. beautiful day to stand in line today.
6:56 am
no complaints with that. tomorrow is going to be warm and humid and breezy out ahead of, yes, indeed, thunderstorm chances on your saturday afternoon and saturday evening before it's breezy and cool on your sunday. >> thank you, chuck. >> thanks for coming by today. >> no problem. >> that's "news 4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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